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stolen from :icondazzlefox:(I get alot of things from her. lol. )

Take your tagger's OC personality test, then choose four OCs for your personality test and list as many qualities as you can about them, and see who is most like which one or more of your OCs!
Tag backs are allowed.

OC 1: Blade Cosori

[ ] You're a social butterfly. 
[ ] You live on a farm or out in the country. 
[ ] You try your best to help anyone, despite the way they may treat you. 
[ ] You often try to push yourself too hard in life. 
[X] You're really ticklish. 
[X] You're modest and don't like exposing your body. 
[ ] You have a low pain tolerance. 
[X] You're very content with what you have. 
[ ] You're full of curiosity. 
[X] You're scared of bees or are allergic to them.


OC 2: Skira Nari

[ ] You want nothing to do with other people. 
[ ] You're capable of living on your own just fine. 
[X] You have a fear of drowning. 
[ ] You don't smile very often. 
[ ] Family is the most important thing to you. 
[X] You're making it a goal to get over your fear(s). 
[ ] You're very stubborn. 
[ ] You have a special talent that you often hide from other people. 
[X] You get annoyed easily. 
[ ] You're a bit of a show-off.


OC 3: Bolt Keethan

[ ] People often mistake you for the opposite gender.
[X] You're emotionally weak.
[ ] You're good at cooking or baking.
[ ] You're short.
[ ] You're very dependent on your friends.
[ ] You're slow to anger.
[ ] You're rather clumsy.
[ ] You can spot objects easily like a hawk.
[ ] You're rather flirty.
[ ] You're great with children.


OC 4: Lili Kailu

[ ] You're very dressy
[ ] You were adopted.
[ ] You're very good with animals
[ ] You're rich.
[ ] You're generous.
[ ] You're a lot stronger than you look.
[ ] You love to take walks.
[ ] You live in a city.
[ ] You don't really care what others think of you.
[ ] You're not afraid of getting dirty.

So Apparently I'm a little like Blade.. Cool. :3

Karlia Aldora

[] You are highly perverted.
[] You have older siblings
[] You are the youngest
[] You use sarcasm more than you should
[] You are a bit greedy
[] You've lost someone very important to you
[] You really like butterflies
[] You're lazy, you've even been caught sleeping on the job!
[] You'd do anything for your best friend

[] You like long walks
[] You travel a lot
[] You are proud of your job
[] You hate being late
[] You can't lie
[] You are a bit of a pervert when it comes to pretty girls
[] You sing or hum to pass the time
[] You are afraid of the dark. 

Juhdurah (I completely took her out of the sonic world and changed her personality)
[] You aren't shy, but prefer not to speak.
[] You can't see properly 
[] You are good at creating things with your hands
[] You're loyal
[] You hate the taste of coffee
[] You own a business
[] You are slightly OCD 
[] You like fruit, mainly oranges 
Desmonda Adiar
[] You like reading
[] You quote books in everyday conversation
[] You worry about others more than you worry about yourself.
[] You like sunsets
[] You really like candy
[] You like being relaxed 
[] You have a lot of patience
[] You are modest
[] You respect your culture 

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  • Playing: Animal Crossing
  • Eating: Crackers
  • Drinking: Gatorade


United States
I like stuff.

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